GPS Tracking Software

GPS tracking software solution

The GPS Tracking Software was designed to help small to medium size fleet operators gain total control of their fleet. Our system can run in tandem with your work order or reservation management system to improve your asset utilization, increase your assets’ lifespan, improve driving behavior and to reduce payroll liabilities due to unnecessary overtime.

  • Monitor vehicles and driver behavior from a central location
  • Access your tracking panel from any desktop or mobile device
  • Get alerted when vehicles speed, exhibit dangerous driving behavior
  • Get alerted when vehicles are being used outside of normal business hours
  • Manage and track vehicle maintenance schedules and service receipts
  • Monitor idle times to reduce fuel consumption of your vehicles
  • Keep accurate logs of driver work and overtime hours
  • Be alerted when vehicles deviate from your preset routes
  • Interactive breadcrumb trails to play back a vehicle’s trip
  • Easily e-mail your drivers directions to their phone

Tracking, Routing & Traffic Information

Our tracking system allows you to view yor vehicle’s real-time position information, locate closest vehicle to the customer’s location (e.g. for emergency work order), as well as to view near-real-time traffic information.

GPS tracking software - map

Geofences & Landmarks


Geofences and landmarks will allow you to create zones upon entering or exiting of which certain alerts or events may be triggered. You can setup an unlimited number of geofences and landmarks withing our system and color code each one to visually aid your dispatchers.

GPS tracking software - geofences

Real-time Alerting


Automatic alerts are designed to keep you informed of your fleet’s status when you are not watching. Alerts can be triggered to appear on screen but can also be setup to send you an email or an SMS message. These alerts can be used to notify you of unsafe driving behavior, certain unwanted driving patterns or other critical events.

GPS tracking software - alerts

Vehicle & Driver Groups


Organize your vehicles and drivers into groups for easier tracking, alerting and reporting. This allows you to create customzed reports for only certain assets, view only the selected groups in your tracking panel or be notified when a certain group of drivers or vehicles matches some criteria.

GPS tracking software - reports

Advanced Reporting Engine


Our brand new reporting engine will allow you to create scheduled or on-demand reports to keep you informed of your workforce’s and your fleet’s status. Choose from numerous standard reports or customize your own with the criteria that is relevant to your operation.

GPS tracking software - reports