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Very powerful options built right in

TrackMyFleet.com GPS tracking system was designed to help small to medium size fleet operators gain total control of their fleet. Our system can run in tandem with your work order or reservation management system to improve your asset utilization, increase your assets' lifespan and to reduce payroll liabilities due to unnecessary overtime.

  • Centralized monitoring
  • Real-time fleet location
  • Route breadcrumb trails
  • Graphical reports
  • Instant exceptions alerts
  • Live traffic information

What people are saying...

I’ve been using TrackMyFleet.com as a way of tracking all the vehicles we own and monitoring my chauffeurs and bus drivers and have noticed a decrease in reckless driving and an increase in chauffeur safety. We use our GPS systems to monitor erratic driving behaviors and tracking fuel consumption which we’ve seen massive reductions in both because of Track My Fleet GPS systems.

In addition the GPS tracking comes at some of the lowest rates in the industry so this was a win on all level for us.

Lou Castro - Earth Limos and Buses - www.earthlimos.com
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