GPS Tracking Devices

Wired GPS Tracker
Best Compatibility

These high-value GPS Tracking Devices features a small size, superior GPS performance, an internal back-up battery, ultra low power sleep modes, 3-axis accelerometer for motion sense, and Inputs/Outputs (I/O). These units are a complete vehicle tracking and communications device incorporating next-generation, super-sensitive GPS technology on LTE cellular networks for installation in any 12 or 24 volt mobile vehicle.

  • Easy 3-wire installation
  • Built-in and external GPS antenna options
  • Harness accepts input/outputs
  • Accelerometer
  • Low power sleep mode for minimal power draw
  • Superior GPS quality
GPS Tracking Device - Hardwire

Wireless GPS Tracker
Most Popular

These wireless plugin GPS Tracking Devices are a quick and easy solution that will fit the needs of most small to mid-size fleet operators. The tracking unit features a small size, superior GPS design, OBD-II interface, and a 3-axis accelerometer.

  • Easy 30 second install
  • Move from vehicle to vehicle
  • Superior GPS quality
  • Diagnostic data access
  • Pre-impact data capture
  • Built-in GPS antenna
GPS Tracking Device - Plugin