Benefits of GPS Tracking


Tracking your vehicle fleet can improve your business in a number of different ways. Some benefits of GPS Tracking are obvious. Some are not. For example, when you track your vehicles at all times, you are able to monitor your drivers’ driving behavior and cut down operating costs associated with excessive idling, sudden accelerations and decelerations.

Reduced labor costs is another great example. By knowing where your drivers were and when they were there, you will be able to eliminate payroll related discrepancies and reduce unnecessary overtime pay. Similar controls could be applied to reduce unauthorized vehicle use by your staff outside of your normal business hours.

  • Monitor vehicles and driver behavior from a central location
  • Access your tracking panel from any desktop or mobile device
  • Get alerted when vehicles speed, exhibit dangerous driving behavior
  • Get alerted when vehicles are being used outside of normal business hours
  • Manage and track vehicle maintenance schedules and service receipts
  • Monitor idle times to reduce fuel consumption of your vehicles
  • Keep accurate logs of driver work and overtime hours
  • Be alerted when vehicles deviate from your preset routes
  • Interactive breadcrumb trails to play back a vehicle’s trip
  • Easily e-mail your drivers directions to their phone

To learn more about the benefits of GPS fleet tracking, please request a free demo of our GPS Tracking solutions.

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