Our service plans support any of our OBD-II or hardwired GPS trackers ($99 per GPS tracking device) and include the following features:

  • Monitor vehicles and driver behavior from a central location
  • Access your tracking panel from any desktop or mobile device
  • Get alerted when vehicles speed, exhibit dangerous driving behavior
  • Get alerted when vehicles are being used outside of normal business hours
  • Manage and track vehicle maintenance schedules and service receipts
  • Monitor idle times to reduce fuel consumption of your vehicles
  • Keep accurate logs of driver work and overtime hours
  • Be alerted when vehicles deviate from your preset routes
  • Interactive breadcrumb trails to play back a vehicle’s trip
  • Easily e-mail your drivers directions to their phone
TrackMyFleet.com GPS Tracking Software Dashboard

30 Second Reporting

$30 / month / unit

  • Near real-time updates
  • Ideal for car service/taxi, police & EMS vehicles
  • Our most popular plan

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90 Second Reporting

$25 / month / unit

  • Best value plan
  • Ideal for delivery, courier & car services
  • Can be upgraded

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5 Minute Reporting

$20 / month / unit

  • Economic tracking solution
  • Ideal for pool & lawn contractors
  • Great for low use vehicles

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